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Wilson Window Cleaning is here to provide professional and reliable window cleaning services in Cheltenham and its Surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our main priority so we take pride in our job quality but also with our communication with our clients.

Look no further and please contact us for a free quote of the services you require! We will get back to you within a couple of days and can book you in within the week!

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About Wilson Window Cleaning

Wilson Window Cleaning are well experienced in the art of gleaming windows. Based in Cheltenham, we offer window cleaning, conservatory cleaning and also gutter and fascia cleaning.

We clean both residential and business properties. We offer our services in Area’s such as Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Painswick, Bishops Cleeve, Guiting Power and Bredon. We are also fully insured to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

We excel in our communication with our customers, making sure quotes or problems are dealt with fast. We offer regular reminders of when your next clean is due via text or email and we like to remind you to keep that gate unlocked.

Commercial and Domestic Window Cleaning

What we do

We specialise in Window Cleaning. Whether you want a regular clean or just a one off clean, we will leave you windows sparkling every time.

We clean whether you are home or out! We make paying simple by leaving a payment slip when the job is done.

How High?

Our Water-fed pole system can reach up to 4 storey windows and also reach those hard to get windows which traditional window cleaners may not be able to access. The Brush also allows us to clean your frames and sills with ease every time. We’ll even clean your front door for you.

As Well as exterior window cleaning, we can also clean interior windows to. There’s no point having sparkling clean windows if your insides make them look no different than before!

How Often?

We offer our regular window cleaning on a 4,6,8 and 12 weekly basis.

If you are in need of a window cleaner then why not get in contact? You could be booked in within the week!

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Conservatory Cleaning

What we do

Conservatories have a habit of overtime looking unpleasant with algae and mould. The white PVC may start to look green and the insides may begin to grow mould due to the fluctuating temperature changes.

Well deal with it no further. We will clean all parts of your conservatory including gutters, PVC and the roof.

How is it done?

We use our water-fed pole system to get into all the gaps and brush away all the algae, moss and dirt that your conservatory may be storing. These methods ensure that your conservatory stays cleaner for longer.

We can also clean the interior of your conservatory too making it look gleaming from both sides.

These boxes of glass can often be the crown to your property and garden so why not give them some care and keep them clean for your benefit.

If you need your conservatory cleaned then why not get in contact? You could be booked in within the week!

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Gutter Cleaning

What we do

Guttering is usually the most neglected part of your property. It may be green, covered with algae, filled and blocked and potentially leaking. All of these things can make your property look old and tired.

How do we do it?

Wilson Window Cleaning can change this. Using our water-fed pole system, we can make those gutters look clean and crisp again. We not only clean the gutters but also clean the Fascia and Soffits at the same time leaving you with the satisfaction that we have done a complete job. We can also clean out the inside of your gutters leaving them free of any debris and blockages.

If you need your gutters cleaned or have any queries about your gutters then why not get in contact? You could be booked in within the week!

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Why are my windows still wet?

We used deionized pure water which is best left to dry naturally. This water contains no minerals or contaminants that your tap water might have, so always drys clear and watermark free.

Will you still clean if its raining?

To be able to serve our customers on time we sometimes will clean in far from ideal weather. Although that won't affect the quality of our work and your windows will be as good as if we cleaned on a sunny day!

Do you need my outdoor tap?

All of our equipment and water is held onboard our vans. You as the the customer do not need to provide anything for us to do our job!

Can you clean my windows even if I’m not home?

If you are not home and access is a problem we can send a message when we are due asking you to leave your gate/garage door open. We always leave an invoice for payment after we've cleaned.

How often will my windows be cleaned?

Our schedule runs on 4,6,8 and 12 weekly cleans, if you require something different, feel free to contact us below.

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